Aug 24, 2023

Rarible Protocol release notes - 1.59

[Union] - Provide floor order on union
[Gateway] - Track API usage based on chain
[Union] - Optimise Order event processing
[Union] - Update IMX orders to use v3 API instead of v1
[Ethereum] - Error on handle order activity into erc20-indexer
[Flow] - Hide attributes for Series 5 Redemption Token

Bug fixes
[Union] - Make simplehash supported blockchains configurable via Consul
[Union] - Merge the name & fields in the collection model

Aug 21, 2023

Rarible Protocol release notes - 1.58

[Ethereum] - Get rid of ReactiveKafka at all
[MP] - (RS) Investigate changes to
[Ethereum] - Looksrare events api for offchain cancelations
[MP] - Trigger a Rarible email for NFT purchases from aggregated liquidity
[Union] - (RS) Add image & description for custom collections for Artblocks
[MP] - Add verified mark to all custom Artblock collections
[Union] - Received/sent events metric
[MP] - Support new airtable table on marketplace
[Union] - (RS) Understand big latency in PT ES
[Union] - Add squashing and parallel handling for OwnershipDelete events
[Ethereum] - Cancel orders for suspicious item in batch
[Ethereum] - Handle Ownership changes in order-indexer in async way
[Ethereum] - Optimise reduce operation
[All] - Check that all changes are merged to main branch from previous release branches
[All] - Remove old release branches

Bug fixes
[Union] - Missed events because of union restart
[Union] - API /v0.1/items/search does not search across multiple traits
[Mantle] - (RS) Delay on indexers on mainnet

Aug 14, 2023

Rarible Protocol release notes - 1.57

[Ethereum] - Add Stream Api to OpenSea client
[Ethereum] - Add job to get notification from OpenSea Stream Api and cancel orders
[Ethereum] - Large delay in indexing OS and LR orders on Testnet
[MP] - Add timemarks to MP backend
[Union] - Add delay metric - how long does it take to load metadata when NFT is minted
[All] - Release tool for openapi
[Union] - Refresh meta job for tradable collections
[Ethereum] - Fallback to SH cached images in case base meta is not available
[Union] - Job to refresh meta for collection if user refreshed 1 item and it changed
[All] - Make automatic failover to external blockchain nodes

Bug fixes
[Olap] - Disable and remove mint leaderboard
[Ethereum] - Periodic delays in indexing LooksRare orders
[Union] - (RS) Content stored in IPFS returns 410 Gone
[Ethereum] - Scanner stop in PROD for Polygon Erc20
[Ethereum] - Polygon API periodically has Server Errors
[Union] - Fix Ownership ES tests in union-api

Aug 3, 2023

Rarible Protocol release notes - 1.56

[Ethereum] - Update approval on bid execution
[All] - Release tool build & deploy
Ethereum] - Erc20 indexer delay on Polygon (PROD)

Bug fixes
[Ethereum] - Not indexing ERC721 by

Jul 31, 2023

Rarible Protocol release notes - 1.55

[Union] - Split old Artblocks collection into single collections
[Ethereum] - Move config json from github to backend
[Olap] - Use multi host configuration for jdbc driver
[Union] - Support SH Kafka
[Ethereum] - Improve Ethereum starter configuration to use cluster of nodes for MonoEthereum/ EthPubSub
[MP] - Integrate a new union/ethereum/currency openapi with Mantle