Rarible Protocol release notes - 1.58

Aug 21, 2023

[Ethereum] - Get rid of ReactiveKafka at all
[MP] - (RS) Investigate changes to nft.storage
[Ethereum] - Looksrare events api for offchain cancelations
[MP] - Trigger a Rarible email for NFT purchases from aggregated liquidity
[Union] - (RS) Add image & description for custom collections for Artblocks
[MP] - Add verified mark to all custom Artblock collections
[Union] - Received/sent events metric
[MP] - Support new airtable table on marketplace
[Union] - (RS) Understand big latency in PT ES
[Union] - Add squashing and parallel handling for OwnershipDelete events
[Ethereum] - Cancel orders for suspicious item in batch
[Ethereum] - Handle Ownership changes in order-indexer in async way
[Ethereum] - Optimise reduce operation
[All] - Check that all changes are merged to main branch from previous release branches
[All] - Remove old release branches

Bug fixes
[Union] - Missed events because of union restart
[Union] - API /v0.1/items/search does not search across multiple traits
[Mantle] - (RS) Delay on indexers on mainnet