Rarible Protocol release notes - 1.57

Aug 14, 2023

[Ethereum] - Add Stream Api to OpenSea client
[Ethereum] - Add job to get notification from OpenSea Stream Api and cancel orders
[Ethereum] - Large delay in indexing OS and LR orders on Testnet
[MP] - Add timemarks to MP backend
[Union] - Add delay metric - how long does it take to load metadata when NFT is minted
[All] - Release tool for openapi
[Union] - Refresh meta job for tradable collections
[Ethereum] - Fallback to SH cached images in case base meta is not available
[Union] - Job to refresh meta for collection if user refreshed 1 item and it changed
[All] - Make automatic failover to external blockchain nodes

Bug fixes
[Olap] - Disable and remove mint leaderboard
[Ethereum] - Periodic delays in indexing LooksRare orders
[Union] - (RS) Content stored in IPFS returns 410 Gone
[Ethereum] - Scanner stop in PROD for Polygon Erc20
[Ethereum] - Polygon API periodically has Server Errors
[Union] - Fix Ownership ES tests in union-api